Akot (not real name) shares her unforgettable intimate memories of an old love, Moses, with Contento Times Magazine (former, The Emma Magazine).

What was his name?
Moses. He was my campus love.
When did you meet?
It was during my first year, second semester. It was really that love at first thing but he definitely made an impression.
What was he like?
He was a basketball player, all tall and handsome and you know…tall. Hahaha!

For how long did you date?
We were together for about 2 years and a half. We dated till my third year…and it was all good crazy love…
Who called it off?
I did. It was something that took me a long while to do. He didn’t have a job but seriously I didn’t care because I believed in him. Anyway…he had started distancing himself…stopped picking my calls and began lying about just anything.

How did the break up feel?
Verry bad. I cried most of the time just wondering how I would go past it. It took me four years to heal and get past everything and forgive myself and him. I believe that without healing, we usually make the next person pay for the sins of the other and end up generalizing and saying things like “all men are the same”. Healing is vital for oneself.

What good times do you remember sharing with Moses?
Plenty. We used to walk a lot. Sometimes we would kiss while on a boda boda (motorcycle)… He was very caring and spoiled me with gifts. Occasionally he would buy me beautiful clothes, cool watches and just did things from the heart.
Something you just can’t forget about him.
There were those little things we were always and selflessly willing to do for each other. It’s quite hard to find such selflessness in relationships today.

Do you sometimes miss the past?
Actually…I don’t miss my past that much although I appreciate the experience.

What would you say to him right now if you met him again?
Some two years after we broke up, I met him. He looked sad and I hugged him but for me there was no going back. By then I had moved on and was in love with someone new.