With Marion Iwao Bagonza as shared with TEM.

Please tell us about yourself.
I am Marion Iwao Bagonza, an entrepreneur and business mogul in the making, hallelujah! I am a big go-getter and have the greatest space in my heart for God and my family. I love to read and love good food. I enjoy a good laugh; love family and friends are important to me. I am passionate about children, working with children, working about children and working for children.

What’s your family like?
A little loud, a little laughy family. We are always laughing about something.

What would a perfect family be like for you?
A perfect family would be a bunch of children for me, loving each other as siblings and loving their parents, being there for one another and always around each other, somehow. Also helping each other be a better family.IMG-20190503-WA0006

What would you say is unique about your family?
We pray together, come together and support each other whenever we need it.

Normally, how do you celebrate achievements as a family?
Cake! We are big lovers of cake; every little achievement calls for a cake celebration…hehehe. And of course, saying thank you to God!

How do you get to deal with challenges as a family?
It’s tricky dealing with challenges as a family, but coming together in prayer is always the first step, holding each other’s hand and communicating helps us deal.

What do you sometimes do to help keep the family and everyone together?
Going to church together. Celebrating birthdays together is a must, however broke hehehe…we always come together to celebrate each other. We have a family alter that we come to occasionally—helps us deal with ‘personal’ challenges together. Occasionally we go out for lunch or play with our little one. It’s amazing how play can bring people together in the most…simplest amazing ways.

Do you ever deal with social media taking the place of normal conversation?
Yes, absolutely. It does take away the place of normal conversation sometimes which is frustrating because it steals away healthy communication—and that’s bad for a family. So, making family time without social media is a must!

Who, in your family, would you say is the funniest…that person who brings a smile on everyone’s face no matter what?
Oh…our little man (son), absolutely! He is the funniest, the loudest, and the one with the jokes…everything he says most of the time is really funny! He makes us all smile.

Many people today, especially the youth, don’t seem to appreciate the value of family. What do you say about that?
It’s sad! Because everything begins with family. Even success, the moral support, the IMG-20190503-WA0004advice, the people to hold you down, the people you come back to when things don’t go right and they will uphold you and lift you up. Family is really everything. Most of the successful work ideas we’ve witnessed have been inspired by conversations or something else we did at home. This, actually, is why I want to have a big family.

Something special you would like to say to your family?
I love you dear family, with my whole heart and soul! My family is my beginning and end, my first and the most important thing to me.