The Past, Our Present, My Future By Wobudeya Victor

I once heard,
It’s not where you go,
But who you go with.
It got me pondering,
Who are you to me?
Are you an extra piece to my jigsaw puzzle,
Or are you just a piece of another puzzle?
Are you a drop of water in my ocean?
Or are you just floating around in the wrong basin?

What if I am getting it all wrong?
What if it is I who took a sip,
From the wrong chalice?
What if it is I,
Blinded by my bodily pleasures,
Refused to listen to my heart?
What if I have no heart at all?

Every moment, every day,
My head spins like a Ferris wheel,
The same thoughts churning through my mind,
Knocking my senses to places they have never seen,
My conscience feels guilty,
So confused,
That many a time,
It’s hard for me to say, what my heart really says.
I am at a loss of words,
But the damage is done,
I ask myself what I have done,
But every time I do,
I am out of time.
I am left with remnants,
Of a past so glamorous,
Nostalgic, yet romantic,
Your name on a piece of rotting paper,
A relic kept close to my heart,
But to a greater extent,
A burden,
A zit on my flawless skin.
In the beginning,
There was us,
Now there’s just you and me,
And soon there will be just me.

By Wobudeya Victor, Uganda

A participant in the CTalent Programme, since Sep2020