Wings of Love By Victor Wobudeya

I hear the whispers,
Of me screaming to you,
Screaming at me,
Wondering in the rain,
Following blindly
Your heart, seems to be leading you circles,
Exasperation washing over your features,
Till your knees are about to buckle,
And give in to the struggle.
You reach out, and grab my arm,
And pull yourself close,
You savour the feel,
Of my heart beating your rhythm in my chest,
You cling to the heat,
Emanating between us,
The exothermic reactions that occur when we touch,
And the storms that calm when you look into my eye,
you are no longer under the rain,
You are under the wing of my love.

By Victor Wobudeya, Uganda

A Participant in the CTalent Programme, since Sep2020

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