Outcast By Victor Wobudeya

I am reknown for predicting the future,
But I am no soothsayer.
I have an eye for the stars,
But I am no astrologer.
The seas call unto me,
But alas! I am no sailor.
The mourners weep at my feet,
But I am no undertaker.
Music is food for my soul,
But I am no singer.
Words flow out of me, like water from a spring,
But an orator, I only dare to be.
My quill is my lady, the inkpot is my knight,
But a poet, I shall only be at night.
I am so many things to everyone around me,
But I am not my father’s daughter.
I am the pauper amongst princesses,
The stone amongst diamonds,
The cold on a summer day,
And dare I stay,
These shall be the last words I say.

By Victor Wobudeya, Uganda

A Participant in the CTalent Programme, since Sep20