Regrets By Lewis Gausi

As the wind blew and the trees swayed
I felt the freshness of its air as I breathed in
The river flowed like an ocean floor
Carrying my soul along with it
Birds sang lullabies which softened my heart
But I knew one thing was missing

The voice that patched my ears was no more
The touch that awoke the ancestors from their peaceful sleep was not felt
The cute look on her face as she gazed on me had vanished
Questions were all I had left
Hoping to find answers which were kept hidden by the underneath
I wish the dream could just evaporate in seconds

Fears were all I had to live with
Regrets are what are filled with
As I recall the cruel treatment upon an innocent soul
Which even make trees cry like young babies when they flashback
Gone are the days when the sky could be crystal clear as a mirror
I now feel the pain inside me
Knowing a precious stone has been blown away
I wish I knew earlier but now it’s too late

By Lewis Gausi, Malawi

A Participant in the CTalent Programme, since Sep20