Kaleidoscopic Polaroid by Richard Mayeku

I notice what you do to yourself…
Rip off that facade of bravado every Friday night,
And intricately adorn yourself in an infinity of insecurities.

I see the melancholy in those sparkling eyes…
Building up these walls so high that-
You’re scared-cold to ever come down to those that adore you.

I see you delicately slice away every essence of happiness and joy,
Should it dare reveal itself.

But, my love. You forget ever so quickly that I see me as well-
With a kaleidoscopic Polaroid of colours unimaginable and completely unfathomable.

And I have cried out in silence with you for so long.

I see me. I see me in those empty orbs and what I see leaves me…astonished.

I see beauty.
Beauty in your sheepish laugh and your unknowing shrug,
In all your mistakes and your pit falls as well.

I see you.
The real, and grandiloquent you.
And, my love, if that is not heavenliness enough,
I am utterly content staying side by side with you,
In this earth devoid of true artistic taste.


By Richard Mayeku, Uganda

A Participant in the CTalent Programme, since Sep20