Thank You! 94 Countries Reading Contento Times Magazine

By Liz Anoushka

Explore the diversity, beauty, opportunity, and adventures of the world beyond your nation and kingdom’s boundaries through a magazine read and loved in 94 countries around the world (extracted from the site statistics and traffic insights as of July 2021).

It’s all thanks to your continued interest in our content, you taking precious time off your schedule, sharing, liking, commenting, suggesting, and every little or huge way you’re making Contento Times have an impactful international presence.

As “thank you” and us giving back, we are embarking on a series where interesting highlights of each country will be published until we have covered all the 94. Expect anything and everything from culture and art, people, entertainment and literature, food and cuisine, infrastructure, technology, economics, natural resources, tourist destinations, history and politics, geography, fun facts, and whatever else you might suggest.

The next time you check out a story or article, now you will know that somewhere else in the world, you are joined by thousands more bridging the distance and making each one of us feel closer and visible.

Check out our list, updated as of July 2021 and go ahead to click on the countries you wish to learn more about (there are some you will be discovering for the first time). Alternative links have been used for those countries with little information or ‘unsafe’ site addresses.

Effort has been made to find the best information available to encourage factual knowledge and show-off each country in the best possible light. Countries with the higest readership are shown first and spelled as they appear in analytics.

TOP 12

12. Uganda (also known as The Pearl of Africa)

11. United States (also known as the USA or America)

10. Tanzania ( officially The United Republic of Tanzania)

9. Germany (also known as Federal Republic of Germany)

8. Kenya (officially the Republic of Kenya)

7. United Kingdom (also known as United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland )

6. India (officially the Republic of India )

5. Malawi (officially the Republic of Malawi )

4. Nigeria (officially the Federal Republic of Nigeria )

3. Turkey (officially the Republic of Turkey )

2. France (officially the French Republic )

  1. South Africa ( officially the Republic of South Africa )


7. Netherlands (also known as Kingdom of the Netherlands )

6. Ghana (officially the Repulic of Ghana )

5. European Union ( A political and economic union )

4. Canada (also known as Dominion of Canada )

3. United Arab Emirates (many titles apply including the Emirates )

2. Ireland (also known as Republic of Ireland )

  1. Pakistan (officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan )

MID 18

18. Romania ( A semi-presidential republic )

17. Zimbabwe (officially Republic of Zimbabwe )

16. Philippines (officially the Republic of the Philippines )

15. Russia (also known as the Russian Federation )

14. Namibia (officially the Republic of Namibia )

13. Italy (officially the Italian Republic )

12. Singapore (officially the Republic of Singapore )

11. Australia (officially the Commonwealth of Australia )

10. South Korea (officially the Republic of Korea )

9. Zambia (officially the Republic of Zambia )

8. Brazil (officially the Federative Republic of Brazil )

7. Portugal (officially Portuguese Republic )

6. China (officially the People’s Republic of China )

5. Rwanda (also known as the Land of a Thousand Hills )

4. Spain (officially Kingdom of Spain )

3. Sweden (officially Kingdom of Sweden )

2. Japan (also known as Nihon, Nippon, or the Land of the Rising Sun )

  1. New Zealand (also known as Aotearoa or Dominion of New Zealand )

THE 16

16. Switzerland (officially the Swiss Confederation )

15. Czech Republic (also known as Czechia )

14. Mauritius (officially the Republic of Mauritius )

13. Congo-Kinshasa (officially the Democratic Republic of the Congo )

12. Thailand (officially the Kingdom of Thailand )

11. Qatar (officially the State of Qatar )

10. Libya (formal name Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya )

9. Croatia (officially Republic of Croatia )

8. Denmark (officially Kingdom of Denmark )

7. Serbia (officially Republic of Serbia )

6. Finland (officially Republic of Finland )

5. Poland (officially the Commonwealth of Poland )

4. Belgium (officially Kingdom of Belgium )

3. Indonesia (officially Republic of Indonesia )

2. Belize ( a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, also known as British Honduras )

  1. Bulgaria (officially the Republic of Bulgaria )


41. Saudi Arabia (officially Kingdom of Saudi Arabia )

40. Burundi (officially Republic of Burundi )

39. Vietnam (officially Socialist Republic of Vietnam )

38. Bangladesh (officially the People’s Republic of Bangladesh )

37. Cameroon (officially Republic of Cameroon )

36. Ukraine (also known as Ukrayina )

35. South Sudan (officially Republic of South Sudan )

34. Egypt (officially Arab Republic of Egypt )

33. Austria (officially the Republic of Austria )

32. Slovakia (officially Slovak Republic )

31. Malaysia ( no alternative name, care for a trip instead? )

30. Luxembourg (also known as Grand Duchy of Luxembourg )

29. Ecuador (officially the Republic of Ecuador )

28. Georgia (also known as Sarkatvelo )

27. Israel (officially State of Israel )

26. Armenia (officially Republic of Armenia )

25. Paraguay (officially Republic of Paraguay )

24. Lebanon (also known as Republic of Lebanon and Lebanese Republic )

23. Norway (officially The Kingdom of Norway )

22. Hungary (also known as Land of Magyars )

21. Jordan (officially Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan )

20. Oman (officially Sultanate of Oman )

19. Hong Kong SAR China ( a Special Administrative Region with high autonomy )

18. Sudan (officially Republic of the Sudan )

17. Laos (officially the Lao People’s Democratic Republic )

16. Albania (officially the Republic of Albania )

15. Nicaragua (officially Republic of Nicaragua )

14. Iraq (officially Republic of Iraq )

13. Kuwait (officially State of Kuwait )

12. Argentina (also known as the Argentine Republic )

11. Seychelles (officially Republic of Seychelles )

10. Nepal (also known as Kingdom of Nepal )

9. Central African Republic (also known as Central African Empire )

8. Latvia (officially Republic of Latvia )

7. Slovenia (officially Republic of Slovenia )

6. Lesotho (officially Kingdom of Lesotho )

5. Afghanistan (officially Islamic Republic of Afghanistan )

4. Papua New Guinea (also known as Independent State of Papua New Guinea )

3. Gambia (officially Republic of the Gambia )

2. Mongolia (officially Mongol Uls )

  1. Monaco (officially Principality of Monaco )

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