No Work Experience? No Problem

Don’t wait until you’re close to graduating or right after to start figuring out where to get the much-needed work experience. Your level of education as of now and how old or young you are don’t quite matter. What matters is that you know what it is you want for yourself and when, where you want to go, and are ready to do whatever it takes to get there.


While finding the perfect job for you may be difficult, there’s an abundance of decent work opportunities out there. Find volunteer opportunities around causes you care about and if you can’t find suitable opportunities or the ones available have tough entry criteria then go on and create opportunities of your own in your neighborhood or online community. Most volunteer opportunities are neither facilitated nor paid, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t ‘work experience’ just because you may not have a fancy title or salary. The connections you will gain will be quite helpful sooner or later and so will the experiences, character, and skills development.

Start a Project:

There are loads of problems to solve (new and old) and therefore numerous opportunities available for quick thinkers, innovators, and overall- problem solvers. Your project doesn’t have to be grand nor cost money but it will definitely require a sufficient amount of your time invested to pull it off. It doesn’t have to be long-term or successful either. Depending on your mindset, self-discipline, determination, and resilience;- failure (trial and error) can be very strategic for learning when utilised correctly. You don’t have to do it alone either, you could initiate it and talk a few people into joining your project or you could ask to join theirs.

Find Your Niche:

What is that thing you enjoy doing and are pretty good at? It could be one thing or several, it doesn’t matter really because each one of us is unique. Do you think it’s something you can share with the rest of the world? If yes, then a little homework around your neighbourhood, media, and online will help you design or re-design it to suit current or future trends and customer tastes and preferences.

This should help you to be and stay relevant. You could grow your expertise and confidence steadily via numerous platforms like blogs, vlogs (via YouTube), podcasts, and more. Not everyone has to deal in a tangible product or traditional service, you may be knowledgeable and passionate about particular topics that you can interest people in through free or paid-for blogs and online or offline short courses. Finding and building your niche will push you to research more, engage more, and perfect whatever it is you’re offering both of which are great for you to grow and showcase your breadth of knowledge and skills.

Start a Business:

For many, the idea of starting a business can be horrifying but it doesn’t have to be. Whether or not the business succeeds, an employee or business partner who has started their own venture before tends to be more preferred than one who hasn’t. Starting a business opens you up to several challenges most businesses (regardless of size or sector) deal with and stretches you to apply any knowledge or skills you have already acquired, stirring creativity and flexibility towards problem-solving. It challenges your ability to mobilise and maximise limited resources, and cultivate your initiative and leadership abilities alongside the much-needed emotional intelligence. You can open up a simple business in a few minutes at home or online.

Whatever route you choose to take, the experience (connections, skills, and knowledge) you will get will improve your chances whether you continue as a self-employed (or business owner) or end up employed by someone else.

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